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Proraso Pre & Post

The history of Proraso products dates back a
long way. In 1908, Ludovico Martelli from Florence, Italy founded a cosmetics
company under his own name. Then in 1948, his son Piero joined the company and
helped launch the Proraso “crema miracolosa” to the Italian public. This
eucalyptus oil based “miracle cream” could be used both before shaving to soften
and prepare the beard, or after shaving to heal and calm irritation. Millions of
“vasi” (glass jars) have been sold to three generations of satisfied Italian men
and although many people know Proraso for their wonderful Shaving creams,
Aftershave lotions and balms, it was the Pre & Post Cream that catapulted
the company to the immense success they enjoy today. The Proraso Pre & Post
formula will offer your skin a wonderful cooling sensation but more importantly
it will make your shave more enjoyable by providing lubrication and cushion that
prevents cuts and helps to achieve that “baby butt” smooth shave. Highly

100ml in a glass jar.

Made in Florence, Italy.