Price: $165.00

Item #DVBM2

A truly classic design, the Dovo “Bismarck” Straight Razor, Imitation Pearl handle, 6/8″ is a faithful recreation of a popular model from the past, now made with pearly white acrylic scales.The full hollow ground blade made from carbon steel extends from a tang sculpted so well to accommodate the user’s thumb that no file jimps are needed for stability. Lasered and washed with gold, the iconic “Bismark” is centered within etching, and the spine displays more tasteful detailing, along with a gold wash that runs the length of the blade and throughout the tang and tail. A light-filled and bright offering, it is easy to see why it has caught the imagination of wet shavers for so many years. 

Not content merely to offer quality blades of carbon steel fashioned in the Solingen manner, the Dovo company takes great pride in designing straight razors that are glorious to look at and begging to be touched and used. Discerning Canadian men looking to enhance their wet shaving experience will be well served to peruse the Dovo range on our Toronto website, exploring the colors, the detailing and the grinds available.