Price: $275.00

Item # 65340

The Super AGR+ Complete Animal Clipper Kit meets all your veterinarian needs

  • Powerful, detachable blade clipper for quick and easy results during any procedure
  • 15 percent faster, 10 percent smaller
  • Cordless operation provides easy mobility around animals
  • 2 removable Ni-MH battery packs can be charged separately from clipper
  • Compact charger recharges battery in 8 to 10 hours and will not overcharge
  • Charger recharges and conditions battery to maximum performance overnight
  • Runs continuously for one hour
  • Quiet operation will not frighten sensitive or injured animals
  • Hair won’t be blown into wounds or incisions since the AGR+ operates cool without fans
  • Car adapter for quick charges at on-site visits
  • Virtually maintenance-free with no oiling of internal parts needed
  • Kit includes: Rechargeable clipper, #40SS CeramicEdge detachable blade set, Charging unit, 2 Ni-MH battery packs, Car Adapter, Storage case, 4 oz. clipper oil, Instructions